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Prospective Applicants

The AVTAA’s goal in certifying credentialed veterinary technicians/veterinary nurses is to assure the veterinary profession and the public that an AVTAA certified technician/nurse possesses the knowledge, skills and experience needed to practice anesthesia at an advanced level of competency. Veterinary anesthesia is constantly evolving, thus, the attainment of competence is a continual activity.  One of the primary means for assuring the public and the profession that the AVTAA Veterinary Technician Specialist is a highly qualified individual; is through our credentialing process. 

The academy requirements are rigorous and require the applicant to not only have a solid foundation of advanced clinical knowledge and skill but also a comprehensive understanding of concepts that can be properly described in written format.  The process is intended to assure the public and the profession that technicians/nurses certified by AVTAA have demonstrated a high degree of competency in the area of veterinary anesthesia and peri-operative analgesia.